Friday, July 3, 2009

Bridesmaid dress options

So I am still spending lots of time thinking (stressing) about wedding attendants, and leaning towards no (having none or just one each). Andy is leaning towards yes (having 4-5). Uh oh. Easier for the boys side though isn't it? Boutonnières are inexpensive, no hair or make up to worry about. They can wear an existing suit or rent one, and if they do buy one there's a fairly good chance they'll wear it again. Girls, not so much. We have to work it out in the next few days.

In the meantime, I've been doing some searching and have finally found a few dress options that meet most or all of my key criteria (floor length, empire waist, chiffon, very simple and classic, and available in a variety of bright colors).

I'm told that Thread are very likely to be able to meet my deadline, and are reasonable, and they do have some options that would work including Jasmine, shown below in tea length but is available full length:

The Anessa Long from Jenny Yoo is cute, and does come in some nice bright colors, though I would skip the optional contrast charmeuse trim:

I did spend some time trying to find non-bridesmaid dress options, which led me to this perhaps risky option from Victoria's Secret. It's ultimately probably a little too casual, and is very likely to be ill-fitting, but it does come in some amazing colors (including "ultra teal" below) and it's cheap!

I really like Amsale's crinkle chiffon options, especially as my dress is also crinkle chiffon:

They have some lovely blues (see "ocean" and "pacific" above), as well as a hot pinks ("flamingo" or "rhubarb"), orange ("spice") and purple ("cerise"), so that's one color each for five maids, and I'd be happy to have my maids choose a style from three the below (well, I have mixed feelings about the halter option but I could deal):

This style is also Amsale but is not crinkle chiffon, and instead I guess is a kind of jersey? The neckline is similar to my dress, and I love how simple it is. Less color options, but I do like their "poppy" and "peacock" colors (hot pink and turquoise).

Yesterday I found these Jim Hjelm Occasions bridesmaid dresses that I really like too, also in chiffon. Their colors are a little more muted than I'd like but they have some that would work including "Hot Pink", "Caribbean", "Papaya", "Fuchsia" and "Turquoise". Not totally sold on the wrap version but the first two options are great:

These two options from Alix & Kelly are also interesting, although I'm not sure I love the two-tone effect:

Unfortunately all of these seem to be in the $350 - $400 range, and ordering now would incur a $50 or similar rush fee per dress, if they can be made in time at all. Why can't J Crew have more than one long bridesmaid dress option!?

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