Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wedding Dresses: Bianca Jagger in YSL

Bianca Jagger's YSL suit from her 1971 wedding to Mick Jagger, gorgeous!

Wedding Dresses - J Crew

I love J Crew's gorgeous and affordable bridal line:

Cute Bridesmaid dresses too:

Gorgeous Wedding Dress

Great dress in this ad for Jenny Packham's 2008 collection:

Lovely dress from Melissa Sweet:

No idea who this dress is by, I suspect it's vintage, but I absolutely love it!

Wedding Dresses - Carolina Herrera

Stunning wedding dresses from Carolina Herrera, including this from her Fall 2009 collection:

From her Spring 2009 collection:

From her Fall 2008 collection:

I particularly love this "trench coat as wedding dress" thang from her Fall 2004, Fall 2007 and Spring 2009 collections respectively:

Wedding Dresses - Oscar de la Renta

Loving this dress from Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2009 collection:

& these from his Spring 2008 collection:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wedding Dress - Jenni Kayne Dress

A while back I spotted this dress in Glamour Magazine from Jenni Kayne's Spring 2007 ready to wear collection, and noted that it's very close to what I'd want in a wedding dress.  

I'd want it in white, with scalloped lace at the neckline, sleeves and at the bottom, but otherwise it's near perfect, and so "me", I have so many tops and dresses in this shape!  I also love her quote "I'm not interested in anything I can't throw on the floor" - I agree completely!

Here is a shot of it from the runway.  The poor model's got a bit of what I'm going to call "hat in the face" but it's an otherwise great shot of the dress and it looks so comfortable, which is a top priority!

Here it is again in cream and a shorter length.  I think the construction will be simple (& I just got a referral to a great tailor, thanks Ci Ci!) but finding the right lace may take some time, I'm very picky with my lace!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blog: Faye & Greer

A few images from another blog that I'm liking, Faye & Greer like this gorgeous sunset shot:

Loving the pink & orange from this Mexican/ Indian themed wedding:

Also loving the use of rosemary, pears and these yellow flowers... wish I knew what they type of flower they are?


I have to admit I am obsessed with peonies!


While we're on the subject of bouquets, here are a few others I like:

I love this photo & not just because the bouquet is gorgeous!  It's the cover of a book called Southern Weddings, which I know nothing about but based on the cover I'm guessing is amazing!

Florist: Flowerwild

Here are some selections from Flowerwild that I think are really lovely:

I also really like this bouquet, so simple and pretty:

Florist: Holly Flora

Just discovered florist Holly Flora.  I love that she works with unusual vessels and organic flowers!

Blog: Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty has gorgeous wedding imagery, below are some of my favorite images from their website:

Candles in Jam Jars

I love the look of these candles in jam jars that I spotted on the knot.  Could be another inexpensive but pretty way to use candles at the wedding:

More Moroccan inspirations

Found another great company that also does Moroccan themed tents, furniture and accessories, this one just down the street from our our house - Mosaik Events. Here are some shots from their website that I'm loving:

Andy loves this shot with the lanterns along the walkway:

More great use of lanterns:

Love this party set up with the pool right there, so lush and green and romantic:

Another shot from the same event.  I love the candles lining the pool.  Never thought I'd say this but while I love this look below from the same party I'm wondering if it might be just a tad too much color with the draped fabric overhead?  

I'm really into the idea of an outdoor wedding but these tent interiors are stunning:

Some of their tents bare that are available to rent.  Maybe not a bad idea to get one (or two) if they're not too expensive:

I thought a scattering of jewel colored cushions (like the ones at Icebergs restaurant in Sydney) would be lovely and wasn't sure I would be able to find ones that were similar to rent, but these might do: