Monday, November 17, 2008

Wedding Dress - Jenni Kayne Dress

A while back I spotted this dress in Glamour Magazine from Jenni Kayne's Spring 2007 ready to wear collection, and noted that it's very close to what I'd want in a wedding dress.  

I'd want it in white, with scalloped lace at the neckline, sleeves and at the bottom, but otherwise it's near perfect, and so "me", I have so many tops and dresses in this shape!  I also love her quote "I'm not interested in anything I can't throw on the floor" - I agree completely!

Here is a shot of it from the runway.  The poor model's got a bit of what I'm going to call "hat in the face" but it's an otherwise great shot of the dress and it looks so comfortable, which is a top priority!

Here it is again in cream and a shorter length.  I think the construction will be simple (& I just got a referral to a great tailor, thanks Ci Ci!) but finding the right lace may take some time, I'm very picky with my lace!


Quinn said...

I LOVE the style, you say you are having it made? I hope you consider a vintage lace, they have STUNNING choices:)

Z said...

I hadn't even thought about vintage lace, we need to discuss!!

C. said...

I ripped this page out of the same glamour and saved it in my dream wedding folder years ago. Unfortunately that folder was then lost when me and my then fiance broke up and I was forced to move. It somehow never made it to my new place which im actually glad bc it would of depressed me at the time. But Thank You for posting it so I can now save again for future wedding plans :) Would love to see how it turned out?

blissful monkey said...

I love love love this dress and have been searching high and low for something similar for my wedding dress (this March). Did you end up having it made? If so, do you have a tailor recommendation? I'm in LA, too! A million thanks!!

Z said...

I did not have it made, I decided it was too expensive and no guarantee of the outcome. Instead I purchased a dress from Rivini plus extra fabric, and had the sleeves rebuilt to be a flutter sleeve. It worked out really well. See more recent posts for photos. I purchased the dress at Erin Cole Bridal Costa Mesa, I recommend them highly, not cheap and a drive for me but great alterations, and an excellent selection of dresses.