Thursday, May 28, 2009

Venue Update

Still no venue, but getting close!  Here is the house I'm hopefully seeing in the next few days.  It is in Malibu, but not deep Malibu.  It's exactly what I've been looking for, kind of Hawaii in Malibu, but there are a few catches so we'll see...

On the flip side, here is a completely different house that my realtor is looking into, located in Beverly Hills.  Totally different look, but equally beautiful... it's kind of rustic farm in Beverly Hills, which I love!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dibbern China

Some of our friends have been trying to convince me to include something other than plain white dinnerware on my registry.  I saw their point but I couldn't find any colored or patterned china that I really loved that was remotely affordable. Then while in Australia in April I discovered and fell deeply in love with the Dibbern Solid Color Range.  

I learned that they are manufactured in Germany, the shape was created in the 1930's, and the Solid Color range was apparently a huge hit in the 80's.  It's very durable, and it's available in 34 gorgeous colors, and are all applied by hand!  They are microwave safe and oven-proof, and also dishwasher safe (with the exception of plum, bordeaux and bright red).  Practical, not too expensive and stunning, sign me up!!

The only problem was that I couldn't find anyone in the U.S. that stocked the Solid Color range.  Plenty of places stock their Gold Forest, Black Forest and Pure ranges, but no one seemed to stock the Solid Colors.  Then yesterday, a breakthrough.  I was setting up our register at Barney's New York and was told by the lovely Barney's registrar Paul that since they stock other Dibbern products, we can register for the Solid Colors through them.  Joy!!!

Now comes the hard part - deciding which colors!!

I definitely like my brights, and while I usually lean towards blue, this green is calling me!  We could of course do say a cornflower blue dinner plate, sky blue salad plate, and multi-colored mugs?!  So exciting!!

Spring 2010 Bridal Collections

Okay so I know I already have my dress but I couldn't resist checking out some of the Spring 2010 bridal collections.  Here are some of  my favorites!

The model is distractingly skinny but the dress is gorgeous.  Monique Lhuillier.

I love this look for a winter wedding.  Platinum by Priscilla of Boston.

This is not me but it's adorable.  Jenny Packham.

This is me.  If I were not sorted I would have to track it down and try it on.  Also Jenny Packham.

LOVING this lace, insane!  Oscar de la Renta, of course.  

Such a cute option!!!  Also by Oscar de la Renta.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wedding Venue Woes

Still no venue, woe is me.  BUT I have good reason to believe that it will be locked by the end of the month.  We're getting real close. And then the real planning can begin!  Oh, and I just heard that the dress arrives mid-June.  Starting to feel really real!!!  My now  standard response to the slightly hysterical reaction I get from people when I tell them that the wedding is in late August - approx. 3 and a half months away - and I don't have a venue is that I have the dress, and I've booked the In-N-Out truck, so the two most  important things are taken care of, plus LA is a big town, with a million possible venues, it will work out.  No point stressing about it.  It will happen.  And hopefully soon, so I can stop biting my nails again and get into the nitty gritty of planning - can't wait!!!  I am proud of myself for not turning into a bridezilla - but I suppose there is still time for that!! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gorgeous bride part 2

Some more photos from Christine's wedding as featured on Style Me Pretty.  

I have since learned that the dress is by my favorite bridal designer Monique Lhuillier - I should have known!  

I've also learned that Christine is a "paper product designer" and I need to make time to check out her wares at cevd and Etsy.

Gorgeous bride

I am loving the photos from the gorgeous "real" wedding as featured on Style Me Pretty.  The bride - Christine - looks AMAZING, I love the whole look.  It's definitely a lot of look, but she's rocking it!


Sorry I haven't written a while, I've been really busy, but I'll get back into the habit of writing again soon I promise!