Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dibbern China

Some of our friends have been trying to convince me to include something other than plain white dinnerware on my registry.  I saw their point but I couldn't find any colored or patterned china that I really loved that was remotely affordable. Then while in Australia in April I discovered and fell deeply in love with the Dibbern Solid Color Range.  

I learned that they are manufactured in Germany, the shape was created in the 1930's, and the Solid Color range was apparently a huge hit in the 80's.  It's very durable, and it's available in 34 gorgeous colors, and are all applied by hand!  They are microwave safe and oven-proof, and also dishwasher safe (with the exception of plum, bordeaux and bright red).  Practical, not too expensive and stunning, sign me up!!

The only problem was that I couldn't find anyone in the U.S. that stocked the Solid Color range.  Plenty of places stock their Gold Forest, Black Forest and Pure ranges, but no one seemed to stock the Solid Colors.  Then yesterday, a breakthrough.  I was setting up our register at Barney's New York and was told by the lovely Barney's registrar Paul that since they stock other Dibbern products, we can register for the Solid Colors through them.  Joy!!!

Now comes the hard part - deciding which colors!!

I definitely like my brights, and while I usually lean towards blue, this green is calling me!  We could of course do say a cornflower blue dinner plate, sky blue salad plate, and multi-colored mugs?!  So exciting!!

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