Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I am newly obsessed with Etsy.  It's like Ebay for handmade items - arts and crafts, jewelry, vintage items, the list is endless!  

It's proving to be a great wedding resource for me and my quest for an inexpensive but stylish wedding.  In fact I'm just about to order our "Save The Date" cards from an Etsy seller Fading Flowers.  Here is some of her work:

Mrs Fading Flowers uses a Gocco, which from what I understand is a self-contained screen printing system using flash bulbs that originated in Japan in 1977 and is a bit of a cult item.  The "Save The Date" will be designed on a computer and then individually "stamped" onto the paper, which I think lends a really lovely rustic feel - each one will be different - while being very cost effective.  I can't wait to see them (hopefully they'll ship end of February - though they are just going to the out-of-towners)!

Here are a few of my other favorite items from Etsy which I love not just for all the great stuff you can buy, but for how it inspires me to be more creative and crafty every day!

I LOVE these handmade White/ Blue Porcelain Cups, $15.50 each from New Moon Studio.  It's really tempting to get a few of them!

This Purple Porcelain Vase, $28, is also from New Moon Studio and I just love the colors!  I may have to hint to Andy that it would make a great Valentine's Day present!

These prints are by Etsy seller and fellow Australian (though she is based in Adelaide) Naomi Murrell:

You can even buy mustaches on a stick on Etsy!  And don't laugh, I actually own these!  Yes, I saw them online at somethingshidinghere and I had to have them, they are really fun!  I had planned on having our photo taken with them for our "Save The Date" cards but we decided to go with the Gocco print instead.

I bought these adorable glitter forget me not elephants, $12 each, at the same time and they look really cute lined up on our kitchen shelf:

Last but not least I find myself totally fascinated by this Blue Sinking Fairytale sculpture by poodlebreath, $75.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since I spotted it a while back!

Florist Nicolette Camille

A gorgeously green arrangement from florist Nicolette Camille.  I just love how rustic it is:

Garden Roses

I love garden roses, here are a few from rose breeder David Austen's website.  I think that just a few of these on their own would make a lovely bouquet:

Longneck Vases

I just saw these long necked vases at CB2 via Remodelista and I'm loving the more rounded two.  They're a perfectly simple style and shape and are cheap at only $2.95 - $3.95 each.  I have a very similar vase in green over my kitchen sink and I love the way it looks with a single flower in it.  It's tempting to pick up a few, but I'll resist... for now!

Bella Umbrella's

I love me a pagoda style umbrella, and I think it makes such a gorgeous wedding accessory!  

Bella Umbrella is a great resource for buying new vintage style umbrellas and renting vintage umbrellas.  I believe this is one of their umbrellas used in a shoot with Kirsten Dunst for the October issue of Harpers Bazaar:

Here are some of my favorites that you can rent

& some of my favorites that you can buy:

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wedding Photographer Jose Villa

I wrote about this stunning photo recently without realizing who took it:

Turns out it is by photographer Jose Villa who takes the most gorgeous photos!  I've just been through his website and blog and here are some of my favorites.  This one below is taken at the same wedding as the one above:

I love how he captures sweet moments and details:

Love the lace of this dress btw!

I'm calling this "sunset flower", I just love the colors, and plan on using single flowers like this for our wedding:

I'm kind of obsessed with "feet photos" at weddings, and this is my absolute favorite.  Loving the shoes too!

Some of his non-bridal work, which I also love:

& finally this wedding that is currently featured in Southern Weddings magazine, so gorgeous!