Saturday, December 13, 2008

Invitations - Linda & Harriett

I'm loving the invitations and other designs from Linda & Harriett, some of my favorites from the website are below:

I'm also LOVING this font! 

I just think this card is adorable!

Love the flowers on this birthday card, great color combo too!

The oysters on this "save the date" aren't exactly appropriate for our wedding but they are stunning!

I also love me some pink flamingos!  Mental note: buy some of those adorably tacky glowing ones for the garden, whenever we get a garden!

Green Wedding Ideas

I'd like our wedding to be environmentally friendly.  Having the reception and ceremony at the same location helps.  I plan to use invitations that are processed without chlorine, preferably on 100% recycled paper, or cotton instead of paper, and with soy based inks.  I'd like to do a reply postcard, to save on envelopes, and/or have everyone RSVP by Email.  I'm also hoping to create a website myself, using Apples iweb, so that all of the directions, events, hotel arrangements etc. can be listed there instead of printed out.

I'll be using organic hair & make up products (which I pretty much do anyway).  Ideally we'll have organic food, and possibly even organic wine and champagne.  I believe you can even donate the left over food from your reception to homeless shelters which sounds like a great idea.  I'm planning on using organic flowers of course, ideally locally grown, and perhaps even potted plants instead of flowers that can be given away as gifts.  Below are some other fun "green" ideas I found online.

You can have your invitation embossed on leaves, like these maple leaves by Stonington Paperie which I think are amazing:

You can buy environmentally friendly confetti, like these Confetti poppers from Beau-coup

I'm a big fan of bubbles, which are a good environmentally friendly solution with no clean up, so I think that's what we'll end up using as our "send off".  Here are some cute ones I found online at The Knot (which I suspect I like because they resemble the Chanel Camellia!):

Another way to go green is to have a vintage wedding dress.  I would usually be really into this idea, but I've had the design of my dress stuck in my head for about 10 years now (maybe more!) so I don't think that's what we'll be doing, but it would be tempting if I found the right dress! 

Posh Girl Vintage has some really cute options, including these dresses below that I think are adorable:

A friend suggested I check out vintage lace, which I hadn't even thought of but am planning on looking into.  I'm also thinking that after the wedding I might have the dress dyed black so that I can wear it again, so at the very least I will be recycling... sort of!

I'm not really into the idea of favors, I have to admit, but the author of Gorgeously Green Sophie Uliano suggests making your own organic jelly (jam for you Aussies), and putting it in a pretty glass jar with a label saying "from the wedding of...", which she apparently did for her own wedding and I think is a lovely idea.  I just wish I was enough of a domestic diva to be making my own jam/ jelly!  But who knows, maybe I'll get inspired in the months leading up to the wedding - Andy does love jelly so it's appropriate!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Real Wedding Inspirations

More "real wedding" inspirations from the Martha Stewart Weddings website.  Love the use of flowers on these branches.  The thick canopy of them in the second photo is amazing!

I love pink & orange together!

It didn't occur to me that you could use metallic gold (or silver) cupcake patty's, I'm all about metallics so I'm loving these!


I love the simplicity of boutonnières like Fred Astaire's below:

Prince Michael of Kent's lone yellow rose is just perfect:

I think a single blue cornflower would also look lovely on Andy, such a great color for him and it would be stunning pop of color on a simple black Tuxedo he plans on wearing!

These from Artfool are also lovely, great use of berries in the first: 

This use of fern in this boutonniere is really striking and unusual, I love it but think it would be better for a pale suit:

LOVE the unopened Jasmine buds in this one also, so gorgeous!

& lastly, I love the Swarovski crystal frog used in this boutonniere!  Paired with a single full rose it could stunning... if Andy would agree to it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I love the use of ribbons to frame the ceremony area for this wedding in Connecticut, again from Martha Stewart Weddings, another inexpensive but pretty decorating idea!

Cute Outdoor Wedding Table

I love these glass jars with candles hung at different heights over the table from Martha Stewart Weddings, gorgeous!