Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Moroccan inspirations

Found another great company that also does Moroccan themed tents, furniture and accessories, this one just down the street from our our house - Mosaik Events. Here are some shots from their website that I'm loving:

Andy loves this shot with the lanterns along the walkway:

More great use of lanterns:

Love this party set up with the pool right there, so lush and green and romantic:

Another shot from the same event.  I love the candles lining the pool.  Never thought I'd say this but while I love this look below from the same party I'm wondering if it might be just a tad too much color with the draped fabric overhead?  

I'm really into the idea of an outdoor wedding but these tent interiors are stunning:

Some of their tents bare that are available to rent.  Maybe not a bad idea to get one (or two) if they're not too expensive:

I thought a scattering of jewel colored cushions (like the ones at Icebergs restaurant in Sydney) would be lovely and wasn't sure I would be able to find ones that were similar to rent, but these might do:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Z- Came across your blog while searching for eye-lit fabric dress for self . Your post about Moroccan wedding theme is from 2008 ( I believe)! Take a look at this website and pillow collection under look-book . Hand embroidered silk pillows in bright colors with mirrors. Very St.Barts/ Calypso.