Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vision... crystallizing

The venue stuff has gotten über-stressful.  I'm sure it will work itself out in the next week or so, but in the meantime, I thought I'd focus on the fun stuff for a little while!

I've blogged about lots of different styles, and things that I like, but my vision has really crystalized over the past few months and so I thought I would have a go at defining it again, using words and images, some I've already posted, some new, to try to convey my vision.  Who knows if I'll be able to make all of this actually happen, but here's what I'd really love to do.

I want a large green lawn.  Funnily enough this is the one thing I actually will not budge on. Everything else, I will compromise if I have to, but I must have grass underfoot.  So yeah, a large green lawn, ideally with a city or ocean view.  Ideally also adjacent to a pool, which I could then border with candles - either tall plain white novena candles per the below or small tea-lights in cobalt blue glasses.   

There will be no sit down dinner, so no tables and chairs.  Instead scattered Moroccan leather ottomans in bright pink, orange, turquoise, silver and gold as well as maybe the occasional simple rectangular wooden benches with white leather cushions for some sturdier seating options.  Tall "novena" candles everywhere.  I'm talking everywhere, likely hundreds - luckily they're only 99c each! (Not only are they really cheap, they're extremely long lasting, pretty safe as far as candles go and beautiful, what more could you ask for in a candle?!).

Maybe some Indian style flower wreaths draped here and there of yellow, orange and pink carnations.  The same color combination of carnations floating in the pool.  Andy likes the idea of floating candles also, so I'm researching and trying to find ones that aren't plastic-y & tacky (easier said than done).  Maybe strands of simple round white paper lanterns hung from here to there?  

Brass Moroccan tray tables laden with aforementioned candles, big full single flowers in Moroccan tea glasses, scatterings of - yes again - colorful  carnations (in keeping with my theme as well as being cheap!), as well as maybe the occasional lemons and limes (sounds weird but when done well it looks great).  

Oversized Moroccan lanterns filled with glimmering candles.  One or two brightly colored Balinese temple umbrellas, and maybe even some Moroccan rugs scattered about picnic style with cushions for people to lounge on?  Or will people not lounge because it's not that kind of event and they're not dressed for lounging?  I'm thinking of making the dress code "comfortable glam" which should help?

If I had to pick two colors.. (which all the experts 
say you must do) well, I couldn't.  But I could maybe pick three - turquoise, pink and orange - but then I'd have to add in hints of green (the grass), white (because I love how clean and fresh white is),  as well as touches of gold and silver (cos I love me some sparkle), oh yeah and cobalt blue, red... the list goes on!

So basically we're going for festive, bright, fun and casual.  Not very wedding-y really is it?  But it seems "us" and that's the important thing, right?!  Hopefully it will look lush and eclectic and gorgeous, not amateurish, but we'll just have to see!

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