Saturday, June 6, 2009

Balinese Temple Umbrellas

Speaking of Balinese Temple Umbrellas, I don't know if I've said this before but I love them.  We used to have one in my house growing up, and I want one for our apartment now (especially since we have 25 foot ceilings in our living room!).  I found a place in Downtown LA that sells them (Sweet Smiling Home) and they're quite reasonable.  I just re-found this photo from my inspiration collection and it reminded me - they would make excellent framing for the ceremony, no?  See below from a wedding set up in Bali.  Something to keep in mind...  

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umbrellaguru said...

Just found you site which shows the umbrellas you bought from us--Sweet Smiling Home. It is one of the most beautiful pics of our umbrellas I have seen to date. We have just launched an online store for our umbrellas, I would love, with your permission, to include this photograph on our site. I will be happy to give you credit and add a link to your website. Please let me know at or

Thank you,