Monday, January 19, 2009

Wedding Cake Toppers

Trying to decide how I feel about wedding cake toppers, so I've been doing some research on different options.  I like these photo cake toppers from Etsy seller Bug&Boo, who's tagline is "when cupcakes don't go topless", just wondering though if they're more suited to a shower or birthday party than they are wedding?

Paper Relics bespoke wedding cake toppers are gorgeous and have a great vintage-y feel but they're a little pricey at $165: 

This is a topper from Wedding Mountain called "helpful groom" from that for some reason I keep coming back to:

I love this vintage topper from Vintage Cake Toppers, who have a great selection:

Trying to decide how I feel about these custom cake toppers made, again from Wedding Mountain:

Loving these little critter cake toppers from Jennifer Murphy, seriously cute!

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