Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another venue update

The last house I posted about in Malibu was stunning but wasn't big enough (so sad), the one we saw on Sunday was gorgeous and big enough, though the price wasn't right (not as sad), but this one below might be juuust right!

The lawn is a lot more sloping that it looks (I'm learning this is the case for most of the houses in Malibu), and little smaller than it looks, and the grass/ landscaping isn't in great shape due to the water restrictions in Malibu, however they're confident that they can get it to look like the photos for the wedding. Feel a bit guilty about that (water usage) but pushing it out of my mind in a very bride-like way!

So it's gorgeous, it's big enough, it's within the budget (I think), and it's not too deep Malibu, so it just might be the one, fingers crossed!! We'll know for sure by this time next week, if not earlier. The funny part is, it's one I spotted online way back when I first started searching late last year, but they weren't open to short term rentals till just this week! Fate?!

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