Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bridesmaid dress colors

We still haven't decided if we're having a bridal party, even though we're only 9 weeks before the wedding. We've been going back and forth about it since day one. To me it just seems like a stress best avoided.

Unless I want more than 6 maids (and I really really don't want more than 6) I'm going to have to leave someone or even a few people out, so someone is going to end up hurt and/ or offended.

Plus, at this late stage, I'm going to incur a rush fee on the dresses, and I really hate the idea of choosing a dress for someone to wear to my wedding and making them pay for it, but I'm not sure I can take that cost on myself. Also, I've always wanted my maids to wear really simple spaghetti strap empire waist chiffon floor length dresses (with no shoes) and that's proving to be nearly impossible to find - well affordable versions anyway. Not to mention the added costs of getting bouquets for them all, and I guess thank you gifts too.

The one thing that makes the idea of maids very tempting is that when I was probably around 17, maybe even younger, I decided that if and when I got married, I would have each of my bridesmaids wear a different color, rather than having them all wear the same color. I even spent a considerable amount of time thinking about which friend should wear which color (although back in the day I imagined them in pastels, whereas these days I imagine them in brights).

I do really love the idea of being surrounded by my close friends, each wearing one of these bright colors below, which are also sort of our wedding colors. I'm just not sure I should let THAT be the reason we choose to do it!

We'll have to decide soon either way, we just can't make up our minds! Ultimately we may do what we pretty much said we would do from day one - he has his brother and I have my sister. Surely no one can be offended by that, but then, what color?? Might have to be a pattern instead!!

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