Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wedding Dresses

Here are four dresses that I really like, they're all really close to what I want, but not 100% right, so I'm almost definitely going to get the dress made:

This first one is the right shape, and the sleeves are perfect - so me - but a little too sparkly!  I wouldn't mind a little bit of sparkle but this is all over sparkle, however it looks really comfortable, and above all, I want to feel comfortable.  I'm think hair loose or lightly pinned back, with a slight curl, very natural, and of course, I'll be wearing flip flops of some description!  This dress is the "Tahlia" by Jenny Packham.

This second one is nearly perfect, I how sheer it is at the top and how soft and delicate the lace is, I just wish the sleeves were elbow length and bell shaped (also with scalloped lace at the edges), and I'd loose the belt or raise it up so it was more empire waist.  This one is from the Fall 2009 Monique Lhuillier collection.

The third one I like the shape and the material is a different choice, great texture, but I wish the neckline was just a straight V shape.  Gorgeous though and classic Oscar de la Renta!

The fourth one is also near perfect, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lace, absolutely perfect, I just wish that again the neckline was much more open, and that it had elbow length bell sleeves - almost "kimono" or "flutter" sleeves with scalloped edges.  This one is also Monique Lhuillier, from her Fall 2007 collection, stunning!!!


Di McElroy said...

I like the third one

Z said...

Really?? I'm hooked on the second and the fourth... mostly the fourth.

Ellie said...

Hi Z,

Found a picture of a dress that you may like, the sleeves are interesting and could be incorperated somehow. Mischa Barton wore it to the Elle style awards in 2006, its by Zac Posen. I tried to attach it but this is all new to me.

Z said...

Oooo, I'll google it, or maybe Email me the picture?!