Monday, November 10, 2008

The initial concept

So here's our initial thinking on what we'd like our wedding to be like:

We don't want a wedding-y wedding, if you know what I mean.  We're thinking casual and festive, lots of bright colors, with influences from India, Asia, Mexico and Morocco.  Lately I've been telling people more circus than a wedding, & not just because Andy's determined to have a baby elephant!

Dress code: "comfortable glam".  Yes I hate made up dress codes too, but it sums up the theme of the wedding so we like it.  Andy suggested we even have a few friends dress up and take photos to show examples of what comfortable glam looks like (I'm thinking sequins & flip flops!).

Ultra short ceremony, hosted by our best friend Dan (who'll get ordained for the occasion), overlooking the ocean at twilight.  Walking down the aisle to Beatles ("Because", "In My Life", "Here Comes The Sun")  or Zeppelin ("Tangerine", "All Of My Love"), haven't really thought that through, should probably refresh my memory on the lyrics in case they're not exactly... fitting.

Tons of candles, fairy (christmas) lights, and lanterns (paper & metal).  Drinks served in multicolored Moroccan tea glasses - or at least using them everywhere to hold single, open roses.  No formal sit down dinner, more like an adult picnic:  rugs and blankets and ottomans and pillows everywhere, little tables, lots of food set up on large tables and different stations as well as passed (I'm thinking Joan's On Third, our usual caterer of choice and the previous occupier of our current apartment, how random is that?!).

Ideally we'll find a big house or house + guest house so that Andy & my family can all live together on the property, and we can host weeklong festivities, and have the wedding right there, on a big patch of grass, by a lit pool/ and or the ocean. 

Intimate & meaningful, small, fun & casual, different... can't wait!!!


Michelle said...

I love your ideas!

Z said...

Thank you! I have to admit I've had this stuff in my head for a while!!!

Di McElroy said...

I did comment on this too - but they're not there. Love all the ideas, especially the big house!

Z said...

Thanks Mum!