Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moroccan Mint Tea Glasses

I have always LOVED Moroccan Mint Tea Glasses. 

I use them not only for fresh mint tea but also as champagne glasses & for juice.  

I'd love to incorporate them into the wedding somehow.  It would be amazing if they could be the glasses that everybody drinks from at the party but I'm not sure that's practical! 

If not, maybe just throughout the party with single flowers in them, or candles... could be a chance to add to my collection!

I love this set up with these pink roses, so pretty!  Maybe we'll do something like this at the wedding and serve fresh mint tea!


Host said...

OR for Pimms cup. I had to say that. x

Z said...

Ha! I should have also mentioned processco!

The Sale Rack said...

i love these too! i 'm working on a post for my blog, The Sale Rack, about finding an inexpensive source for them and came across your blog.

i'm getting married this coming May so I am also finding inspiration for my wedding from your blog as well!

Glad I found ya!!