Friday, November 14, 2008

Colored Glass Jar Candles

We have these glass jar candles all over the house.  I usually find them in markets for around 99 cents each.  I figured it would be a really pretty and inexpensive way to light a walkway and use throughout the party,  they're not only cheap but they're safe and they burn for days:

I was searching for a place to buy them in bulk online and I found these amazing colored versions on, so gorgeous!  The website is not cooperating right now (I figured I'd order a few and see how they looked) but these could be perfect for the wedding:

I also like these colored glass votive holders at Jamali Garden.  I actually tried to order some a while back and they messed up my order but they're inexpensive and cute, so I might make another attempt!  Loving the cobalt, turquoise, pink & red in particular.

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