Sunday, November 16, 2008

Artfool Event Planners

Here are some shots I love from the website of Artfool event designers...

I love their use of fruit and herbs in their flower arrangements, like the mint used in this bunch below, so fresh!

Love the use of pomegranates, I plan on stealing this idea, providing they are in season!

Apples and limes are also a great and (I'm guessing) inexpensive way to add color:

Even lemons & little cumquats, which I've always thought would be a great way to introduce a splash of orange to the wedding!

Love these colors!

Peonies are my favorite flower, I'd love to use them, again providing they are in season:

Love the use of different colored vases (though I would of course use more colors!):

Great use of lanterns, love it!

LOVE this table set up,  I'd love to do something like this but with a gold or silver buddha head and either red or cobalt blue candles... If I can find a buddha head to rent (or buy, this blog is also unexpectedly serving as a wish list for our home!):

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Ci Ci said...

I have been communitcating with Artfool regarding my wedding. They are amazing, but also pricey.